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Rejuvenating Bodyworks has a holistic business philosophy of serving and promoting wellness to any individual that seeks on improving their health awareness through massage therapy. Rejuvenating Bodyworks will teach individuals to take better care of them and give them guidance to enjoy lasting health satisfaction. Rejuvenating Bodyworks will be using Western medicine practices through holistic therapies such as massage therapy, meditation, aromatherapy, stress relieve therapy classes and relaxation therapy classes. Rejuvenating Bodyworks will also be using Eastern medicine practices such as Asian Bodywork Therapy, which is the treatment of the mind, body and spirit, that includes the electromagnetic or Human Energy Field, which surrounds, infuses and brings the body to life, by pressure and manipulation.

Rejuvenating Bodyworks was conceptualized in February 2006 by a certified massage therapists who wanted to change the outlook, and make the healthcare community aware of the importance that massage therapy has on the preservation of health and wellness. With the approval of medical physicians in conjunction with them will allow them to do the initial diagnosis, give proper recommendation and prescribe the initial evaluation of the needs of the client.

Michael R. Rodriguez, CMT, MET, OMT, MAT, will manage Rejuvenating Bodyworks, he has over 15 years of experience in private practice and with expertise in sports and injury rehabilitation, clinical practices and holistic practices.

To maintain the philosophy and mission statement of Rejuvenating Bodyworks, will be based on the foundation of holistic practices, which will provide education and raise the awareness of people on properly taking care of themselves and maintain wellness.

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